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The McCoy Consulting team has solid track record of achieving recoveries from associated commercial insurance claims and insolvent entities.




  • Good Faith
  • Compliance
  • Reserves
  • Offsets


By far the most requested claim support activity for our clients usually falls in the area of claim review. Some of the more common review types include; Comprehensive File Reviews reveal whether claims are handled reasonably and in good faith. State Compliance Reviews validate the procedures are in place to eliminate penalties and fines by the State Regulatory Body. Offset Reviews ensure subrogation, subsequent injury, and second injury funds are pursued to reduce claim costs. And your instinct tells you something specific is amiss in the current claim process for your own organization or that of a valued client, Targeted Custom Reviews are a handy way of drilling down on a specific topic or issue.


An ever growing list of commercial insurers are in distressed state or formal liquidation proceedings. When dealing with insolvent insurers the claims valuation process is typically complex. The process can take years to complete and often yields highly uncertain final recoveries. McCoy Consulting specializes in valuation and monetization of insurance and illiquid assets.