Consultation & Fee Arrangements


“A Project-Based Support Concept”

From the single claim, to large carrier exposures - we stand ready support in variety of unique ways...


The first confidential call is free. And chances are we can "help you find the way" - for a lot less investment then you might expect. There are a variety of fee arrangements available. No, your own project is not too large or small. In fact if we can’t help, most likely we can direct you towards others that can.

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  • Customized proposals to address specific project needs, timelines & budget.
  • Hourly, Flat Fee & Shared Risk Contingency fee arrangements
  • Speakerships & Training - Full & 1/2 day rates available

Contingency Fee: is paid based on refunds or credits generated by our efforts. Upon completion of the project, we share in an agreed upon ratio and earn a defined percentage of the refund or credit

 Hourly Fee: is paid on actual hours of services rendered. Upon agreement a cap or maximum amount can be established for services provided under the hourly rate arrangement. 

Combination Fee: uses a reduced hourly rate and a reduced share percentage of any return premium or credit secured. Might also include an assigned cap or maximum amount paid for services provided.